Feeling Festive!

Happy December everyone! We are feeling fairly festive over at Mama & Fred Towers!   The tree is up – I had to put up our decorations once Freddie had gone to bed and even…

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My Mum CV

Today, to make myself feel a bit better after a weekend full of doom and gloom I have written a slightly fluffier more cheerful post reflecting on the positives of life as Mum. I mentioned…

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My change bag essentials

Before I became a parent I wouldn’t really have been able to decide what to put in a changing bag, it would have been an alien concept to me. However, after 6 months with the…

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8 reasons being a baby sucks

Looking after a baby is tough, they are pretty demanding and we spend most of our time catering to their needs while being sleep deprived, looking dishevelled and don’t get me started on when I…

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