How to make….Paper Pom-poms

Happy weekend everyone – well, its already the weekend to me, and I only have 3 days officially left at work before my maternity leave from the day job officially starts! Very exciting! That’s the good thing with being part time (well one of the good things), the weeks are short and the last few weeks have gone reasonably quick.

Very much looking forward to being off and having a little bit more of a sit down – bump is 34 weeks now and feeling huge and heavy! Even more so when you have a 2 and a half year old who loves jumping on you……..

Anyway, todays How To Make are these very simple and really fun Tissue Paper Pom Poms. With a bit of practice, these will make great decorations, in your colour scheme, for either a Birthday Bash or even a Wedding Reception. I love how they look rather like flowers, a bit like Peonies.


What you will need:

  • Tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Pipecleaners
  • Ribbon


  1. Take 10 sheets of tissue paper and fold into a concertina across the longest side of the paper.

2) Tie the folded tissue together in the middle. You can use whatever you like for this, I used a twisted together pipe cleaner, anything that is going to stay in place is fine. At this point you also want to attach the ribbon or yarn you are going to hang the pom pom up with. Fasten this around the pipecleaner. All this will be hidden amongst the paper petals.


3) Next you want to shape the ends of your tissue. You can cut these into a point, or make them more rounded, either is fine, but they will produce a slightly different shape and different looking ball at the end depending on how you cut them.


4) Now, you want to fan out the concertina around the centre tie, and start to peel the tissue sheets apart. You will have 10 sheets above and below the tie, and you want to peel 5 to each side, and basically spread the paper out as much as possible. You will need to be a little gentle and separate them from the edge inwards, dont be too rough or you will rip the paper!


5) Finally, just give your Pom Poms a little fluffing up to make sure all the pieces of tissue are well spaced. And voila! That’s it!

I think they actually look really lovely. I tried making a few, one with only 5 sheets which wasn’t thick enough, one with 10 full sheets (the lilac Pom Pom photographed) and then 10 where the sheets were cut in half (the pink Pom poms) What you do think?



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