It’s a Girl!

Mama & Fred is getting a little girl helper!

So, it has been a couple of months now since we went for our second scan and discovered this news, but I have only just started to believe it!


I am still a bit dubious that it is a little girl, maybe its a little boy who has just been tucking everything away for the scans! Although I would be perfectly happy with another boy, and it would have been easy as we already have everything we need and have been through it all with a boy, it will be fun to have my own little mini me!

And even more exciting is the fact that one of my closest friends is pregnant too, also with a girl! She is due about a month after me so I am busy knitting us both some bits and pieces. I cant wait to see them in their matching pink bonnets that I have made!


I have been decorating the spare room which will be the nursery – the wall painting is all finished now and we just need to get rid of our large spare bed to be able to put the cot up and shuffle round the other bits of furniture, then it will really look ready!

I have made a few decorations like a pom-pom wreath and I will be purchasing a few things from fellow makers, so I will write a post at some point about those lovely things too.


I am currently counting down the days left in my day job and I am busy planning my maternity leave for my little shop. I will be keeping everyone updated on my instagram page – so do pop over and say hi!

I finish my day job at the end of September and then have a fun little trip planned with Freddie, my OH and my parents to Centre Parcs. I will be about 36 weeks by then and pretty large, so I think I will try and leave the toddler care to everyone else and just enjoy the fresh air and some knitting!




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