Summer Sale!

Hello Hello! How has everyone been coping with the heatwave?! I can’t ever remember it being this hot for this long. I have to say, it might make me a bit of a Grinch, but as a pregnant lady I have been enjoying the slightly cooler weather and the rain over the last few days!

The garden is  looking more than a bit dead, we have all been sweaty, tired and grumpy, and I am now constantly day dreaming of Autumn! Gingerbread lattes, boots and dark evenings snuggled in jumpers and blankets – Bliss!

I have been buy making things for the baby recently including chunky hats and bloomers and it has been nice to think about those colder days coming. Although it isn’t helping with the current heat that much – I am making a baby blanket to match the nursery and as it gets bigger the wool on my lap is just adding to the overheating!

Anyway, to take our minds off the sweltering heat, I am having a sale on my website. 15% off until September – all you need to do is use code SUMMER15 at checkout.

This will let you start stocking up on your Autumn/Winter bits and pieces – who else is super excited about the change in Season coming?!





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