How to make….A T-shirt Beach Bag


Evening everyone! It seems as though I haven’t posted for ages, and that’s because I haven’t!

It’s been pretty manic lately as we are busy with baby planning and I am generally exhausted all the time as well! I am definitely finding it harder work the second time round, having a toddler who really likes jumping on me makes it tricky to rest! Plus this unprecedented heatwave and my hayfever aren’t helping much either! So finding time to do things for me has been pretty difficult.

I have managed to fit in bits of knitting and some nursery decorating, but other than that it has been mostly slumping exhaustedly in front of the tv of an evening or having an early night (I have been enjoying watching The Bridge and The Xfiles on Netflix though)!

Still, my inlaws helped us out this weekend and Freddie’s cousins came to entertain him, so I managed to have a little rest. Therefore I am trying to make most of feeling more human this week to get a few things done! One being this post!!!

The idea for this Beach Bag How To Make came from the 5 Minute Craft Facebook page – they make some really interesting things, so check them out if you don’t already like them –

I think this bag is the perfect size for taking things to the beach or the pool while on holiday, but it is also handy for me to keep my yarn projects in to carry about the house and in the car with me!

What you will need:

  • An old t-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Fabric paint
  • A brush

How to make it:

  • Find an old T-shirt to use. It wants to be one that you like enough to have kept, that you would like to use as a bag, but that is now too old and worn out to wear anymore – Do also make sure that it’s big enough to fit in everything that you want to carry about!


  • Turn the T-shirt inside out and fold it in half lengthways so that the neck and armholes line up


  • Cut off the hems of the arms and the neck


  • Next, also cut off the hem from the bottom of the shirt – you might want to use pinking shears for both of these steps to stop the edges from fraying – unless you like the idea of a frayed edge, it might look like casual beach chic!image
  • Take the strip you cut off the bottom of the shirt and knot it around the bottom edge, good and tight, to seal the bottom of the bag imageimage
  • Now turn your T-shirt the right way out. image

You could leave it here and have a perfectly good beach bag, or you could use fabric paint to make it a little more decorative, and accentuate certain aspects of the T-shirts pattern. Make sure that you leave enough time for it to dry


Now you can pop in whatever you want to take with you to the beach/pool – the Beach Bag is stretchy like a T-shirt so you don’t want to overfill it, but it is really handy for carrying sunglasses, suntan cream, a book and a purse!


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