How to make…. Wood block pictures

Morning Everyone!

I thought that this How to Make (which I made earlier last year) was quite a good one to share again as I am currently busy thinking about how to decorate our Bumps Nursery, which is currently a very sunny yellow spare room.

These would make great Nursery Decor and are so versitile, you can alter the size, shape, colour and picture to suit your theme. I shall be making some more when I know whether Bump is a boy or girl – and there are only a couple of weeks to wait now!

What you will need:

  • Square offcuts of wood (or MDF)
  • Paint (I found tester pots of wall paint really effective)
  • Paper pictures (from a magazine etc)
  • PVA Glue
  • Brushes


What to do:

  1. First of all you need to get your offcuts of wood. Luckily in our house my husband is always attempting to make things so we have loads of bits lying about, but you could easily pick something up from somewhere like B&Q very cheaply
  2. Paint your squares on the front and the sides. I found Feature Wall tester pots great for this, they come in such an amazing array of colours and are just the right amount of paint. My Little Boy’s room is currently Space Themed so I thought the dark blue, dark purple and hot pink would go quite nicely with what he has so far. The wall paint is nice and thick and gives good overall coverage – I used 2 coats on the face of the wood and one on the sides. Alternatively you could go for spray paint which would be easy and also give a nice finish and comes in some fun colours, especially the metallic ones.

3) Cut out your pictures. I found a mix of layouts for the pictures most interesting – with one set centrally and then one sat at each edge of the other blocks. You can really get your pictures from anywhere – magazines or wrapping paper or posters…. The only thing I will say is probably don’t do what I did and print some out. There will be an amazing choice, but the ink will run when you cover them in PVA….. luckily mine dont look too worse for wear as it kind of adds to the eeiry sci fi theme! But if I was to make some more, which I would if he has a theme change, then I would use pictures from a different source!!

4) Glue your pictures onto the blocks, taking care to avoid getting any air bubbles or wrinkles, then finally cover the whole thing in PVA glue. You may want to apply 2 coats.

5) Finally, once your wood block pictures are dry you can either use them as free standing pictures or attached them to the wall using a couple of picture hanging strips.

I think that they are rather fetching! And it means you can get your decor to be exactly how you want it and be completely unique to you!

Lucy x


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