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Morning! I am back with a cheeky little Handmade Showcase and this time featuring one of my oldest friends Louise who runs Beach Chic Jewellery.

Louise used to live down the road from me and we used to hang out with our friends, back in the day when kids still used to ring each other on house phones because mobiles didn’t exist, and used to ride their bikes round and meet down the park. Do children still do that? Maybe I am just getting really old!! Anyway, she is a lovely lady who makes lovely jewellery, so why not take a peek at what she does!

Who are you:

Louise Wainwright

What is your business called:

Beach Chic Jewelry (formally know as Beach Chic Online)

Where are you based:

I am originally from Sunny Doncaster, UK. But, now we live in a lovely town called Holly Springs in North Carolina. However, before that I lived in Abu Dhabi, UAE which was where Beach Chic was first conceived.

Tell us about your tribe:

I met my husband, Ryan in the UAE, where we got married and had 2 beautiful children, Grayson who is now 5, and Snow who is 4. The latest addition to our family is Fred the Albino Hamster!

What is it that you make/sell:

I create jewellery. It is mostly beach inspired and features gemstones and natural materials.

Where do you do your crafting:

I have a designated space in my own, with a desk and shelves and many, many drawers of beads! Even though it has a giant blue stain on the carpet (where the children spilt blue dye) I love it!

How did you get into it all:

Living by the sea, I adored all things that reminded me of the sand and sea. One day I decided to make some beach inspired jewellery, and it took a long time to create the jewellery I actually set out to make.

It definitely isn’t an easy process! I would say it took 2 years before I was happy enough to even start to give my jewellery away, let alone, sell any!!

What goals/aspirations do you have for your business:

I enjoy making jewellery, and I enjoy seeing people receive jewellery that they love.  That is my only goal at the moment, to make enough money to buy more beads and keep doing what I love!

What are your plans for 2018:

New designs and more craft shows…I thought about trying to get my jewellery into some boutiques, but, it takes away from what I love about doing this. I don’t like stress and I want to keep loving what I’m doing, so I am very happy with how things are going right now.

What do you love most about what you do:

I think I have said it already a few million times, it is just creating and seeing people fall in love with a piece of jewellery that I have put my heart and soul into.

I love to see new trends, however I don’t tend to follow what is in fashion now. I find beads that I love, either for the colour or for the way that they shine, and I just create my pieces based on that.

What don’t you enjoy in your business:

I suppose paperwork is really the main thing that I don’t like. However, I do also worry that someone will give my jewellery as a gift and it won’t be loved. It sounds silly, I know, I mean who wouldn’t love jewellery as  gift??!

What other hobbies do you have:

Not a hobby as such, but most my time is spent with my children, who are always coming up with creative things to do (they have even made a couple of bracelets).  I also love to run…and literally anything crafty.

Do you have another job as well as running Beach Chic:

No other job currently, but maybe within the next year.  I do have a passion for aviation (Louise used to work in Air Traffic Control) and I do hope to get back into it. Beach Chic comes first though, it keeps me sane!

How can people find you/make a purchase:

I’m on Facebook and Instagram – So do pop along and see what Louise is up to if you love a bit of nature inspired jewellery




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