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Hi all!

I thought that it would be nice for me to spread some small shop love and start sharing some of my favourite makers – and this time they are all Mama makers.

This week I have focussed on those creative who are producing wonderful items to decorate your little ones nurseries – be it for a super girly princess, an outdoor adventurer or for a peaceful gender neutral space.

Blossom & Babe

Blossom & Babe, formally Urban Crafted Living, is run by the lovely Katie who lives over in Wigan with her partner Chris and their adorable little girl Emily. Katie’s background is in textiles and she currently works as a pattern cutter. Her work has taken her all over the world, including to Stockholm and Melbourne.

She also has a gorgeous little work room which I am very jealous of!

She sews gorgeous nursery décor including mobiles, cushions and wall hangings.

She also makes funky tech accessories, including some beautiful ipad covers, so do check those out as well!

You can pop over and say hello to Katie on Instagram or visit her Etsy Shop to see what she currently has for sale.

Tilly & Primrose

I have only recently discovered Holly as her business is quite new, but it’s oh so cute!

She is another Mummy maker, who spent 21 years working for a high street bank until she found out the amazing news that she was pregnant with her first baby. Shortly after this she was given the opportunity to take redundancy – and having thought that she would never get to be a mummy, she took it! Having just turned 40, and finding herself a first time mum and unemployed she embraced the opportunity to be a stay at home mum.

Earlier this year, after her daughter turned 18 months old she decided it was time to start doing something for her, while still being able to stay at home full time.

Having really enjoyed making garlands for her little girl Matilda’s playroom, she looked into it in more detail and voila, Tilly & Primrose was created!

Her business is just a couple of months old but she is really loving it, working during nap times and in the the early evenings, which leaves her plenty of time to still be a full time mum too.

Tilly and Primrose products include felt pom flowers, felt pom filled letters, felt pom garlands and my personal favourites her lovely range of wall hangings.

You can pop over to say hello on Instagram or visit her Etsy Shop to see what she currently has for sale.

Mama & Fred

I had to sneak in a little bit about me really didn’t I 😉

My name is Lucy and I am also a mummy maker, I work part time and stay at home with my little buy Freddie – who is now a toddler Goblin.

I wont go into too much detail about me here as I am working my way through another blog post (which I aim to publish this month) which is all about me and Mama & Fred, but I make lots of different kinds of Babywear, teething toys and also Nursery Décor.

My current nursery range includes heart bunting, a lovely rainbow mobile/wall hanging and a pom-pom wreath. I have a couple more mobiles/wall hangings that I am working on, and a fully covered pom-pom wreath, so watch this space!

You can see what I am up to on Instagram and Facebook and can visit my Etsy shop here

The Handmade Nursery Company

Amii started her business back in January 2016 while she was on Maternity Leave after becoming a mummy for the first time to her little boy Elliot.

Not having a day job for such a long time was a shock to the system for Amii and she needed something to keep herself busy – because having a newborn isn’t enough right?!

Like so many of us she loves all things creative and so her business was born…right from the heart of her front room and dining table!

She has come a long way since the early days and now focuses on baby creations. She loves talking to other mums about their orders and how they visualise them and it is a real passion to turn that visualisation into a plush design for their little person’s nursery.

You can pop over and say hello on Facebook, Instagram or visit her Etsy Shop to see what she currently has available.

Starlight and Moonbeams

Starlight and Moonbeams is another new favourite Insta/Etsy shop of mine and is run by Jo.

Jo lives in Newcastle upon Tyne with her son Alfie, and her business all started with him. Back in 2016 she made him a Christmas Elf Door and after posting a picture lots of people got in touch to say that she should have a go at selling them. Therefore at the beginning of 2017 that’s exactly what she did! She set herself up an Instagram page and an Etsy account and started making!

By the time October 2017 rolled around she had expanded into creating Christmas decorations which were a huge hit, and people went mad for her Disney decorations. Once the Christmas season had ended she had a think about what direction to take next and decided to make nursery and home decorations. She had no idea if it would be as successful as her Christmas range, but after finding product testers and reps it soon took off again. Now she is busy every night (apart from saturdays which are her nights off) and she is loving every second.

You can pop over and say hello on Instagram or visit her Etsy Shop to see what she currently has for sale.


I hope you have enjoyed seeing what these lovely ladies are making.

I have ‘met’ so many lovely makers in the last year since Mama & Fred really kicked off – mostly on instagram where you can see so many wonderful small handmade businesses.

So do let me know if there are any particular items you would like me to write a post about as I bet I know someone who makes/sells a version that doesn’t need to be bought from a ‘Big Business’!

Lucy x

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