How to Make…. An Animal Jewellery Hanger

Hello everyone and a Happy Tuesday to you!

I haven’t posted a How To Make for a while so I thought it was time to rectify that! I shared this jewellery hanger on my old blog about a year and a half ago and now that we have moved house and live right by the Wildlife Park it seemed apt to share it again!

I really love this piece – it’s so quirky and fun, and actually looks reasonably professionally made! I plan to make a couple as Birthday gifts this year, as I know a few friends who would find them awesome! I am also toying with the idea of making a Space themed version for my little boys Outta Space themed bedroom if I can come up with something that works. He has lots of random things that would be handy to hang on one!

This jewellery hanger is made using old plastic toy animals – so you can either use up some old toys that your kids have outgrown (and it is always great to be able to rationalise some of their toys!) or they are pretty inexpensive to buy specially.

I went for wild animals, but it would look equally cool with farm animals or dinosaurs, which are both popular and easy to get your hands on!

What you will need:

  • Plastic animals
  • Stanley knife (or other sharp knife)
  • A small offcut of wood (whatever size you like as long as your animals look in proportion and not tiddly!)
  • Screws (as many as you have animals)
  • Drill
  • 2 screw in hooks
  • Primer and metalic spray paint
  • Length of yarn/twine

How to make it:

1.Take the animals that you have selected for your jewellery hanger and cut them all in half using your stanley knife – watch your fingers! This takes a little work but was actually easier than I expected.

2. Get rid of the animals bottoms (or alternatively keep them for some other project – don’t ask me what though!)

3. Apply a coat of primer and then a coat of your chosen spray paint colour. Make sure you do this somewhere that you don’t mind getting some paint on! I did mine onto a sheet of paper outside just to be safe! It took a couple of goes, turning the animals to different angles with each spray to get a complete coverage, but it only takes a few minutes to dry in between coats, so you don’t have to hang about outside for long!

4. Next I chose to paint my block of wood. You don’t have to do this, but as it was a pale pine off cut, and the copper coloured paint showed up better and looked more striking against a dark background I decided it was worth the extra little effort. I just used some left over satin feature wall paint we had lying about. I think you could probably get away with a tester pots worth of paint.

5. Now, you want to drill the holes to attach your animals. You need to use some screws that are longer than the depth of the wood, and then drill a hole that is the same size/very slightly bigger than the screw, so that it is poking out of the front as below:

6. Drill another hole (with the same size drill bit) into the back of each animal – make sure not to drill right the way through!

7. Twist the animals onto the screws. They should screw on nice and snugly.

8. Nearly there now! The last thing to do is to attach the hooks for hanging your block up with. Just drill a hole at each end of the top of the wood, again the same size or marginally larger than the thickness of the hooks screw, and then screw the hook into the hole. Attach some yarn or ribbon to the hooks to hang your masterpiece! And then get it up on the wall so it can be admired!


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