Spring is coming…. Collection 2018

O M G – is it just me or has this winter just lasted forever?

I don’t know about you guys, but our house has been a germ filled cesspool since about September – one of the perils of having a snotty 2 year old who goes to nursery I guess. We seem to have constantly passing the illnesses between each other as well.

I currently have a case of what I think is sinusitis – not nice and I won’t go into details for you. Safe to say I am now very much looking forward to Spring, longer warmers days and an end to all of the coughs and colds!

With Spring in mind I though that I would give you a little headsup of my favourite Spring items that are available to order now in time for March (and Easter) delivery.


Classic Round Bonnet in Cotton

A cotton version of my always popular simple and understated round bonnet – knit in double knit cotton this is super thin and light, perfect to just keep a little spring chill off baby heads with not much hair!

Classic Pixie in Cotton

A cotton version of my Pixie hat knit in Aran weight cotton – a little heavier than the round bonnet to give structure and keep its cute pointy shape – this will be good well into those cooler spring evenings

Cotton collars

Collars add flair to any outfit, and the stitches just pop when they are made in cotton, and they sit so nicely. These can be made in the light DK cotton or in the heavier Aran

Cotton crowns

Crowns are fab all year round as a birthday treat and while doing some dressing up, but especially in the summer months to wear while running about in the garden enjoying yourself!

Bunny Bloomers

One of my more recent additions, these just make me chuckle, how cute is any baby bottom going to look with a little pom-pom tail?!

I should also hopefully have a new hat to show you in the next week or so which (spoilers!) will fit in nicely with the Bunny Bloomers and Easter vibe nicely – so keep an eye out for that one!

I will also be back in a few months with a little Summer update for you all





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