Mama & Fred Brand Team 2018

2018 Brand Reps!

 Welcome to January folks! I hope that everyone has recovered from Christmas by now and that you are coping with the January Blues. The weather has been awful near us over the last few days, but I am trying to keep busy and positive! There are a million and one things to be doing for the shop as per usual, so I am definitely being kept busy!

One of the targets that I set myself for 2018 was to take on some Brand Reps to model my items, and I am happy to announce that they have been chosen, and they are here!




Bea is my littlest Brand Rep, she is just 4 months old and is such a little munchkin. It is funny watching her grow as everyday she looks more and more like her older brother Teddy, who is just a week older than my little boy Freddie.

Bea has had a couple of my round bonnets, including this lovely mustard and grey scalloped version, and they suit her little face so well!



At nearly 9 months old Santi is my first Little Boy rep and I am looking forward to trying out some fun boyish designs with him. He and his older sister 



Nola turns one this month and is a little girl in a family of boys – so I am looking forward to making her some very cutesy girly accessories. She has previously had one of my chunky Pixies in this glorious Candy Pink.


Chosen back in November I am now working on the first items due out to these guys starting this month – something for Santi and a little Birthday something for Nola! Congratulations guys and I am so looking forward to seeing you in your new items.


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