Feeling Festive!

Happy December everyone! We are feeling fairly festive over at Mama & Fred Towers!


The tree is up – I had to put up our decorations once Freddie had gone to bed and even then 2 baubles got broken on day 1! So we will have to see if the tree actually makes it to Christmas in one piece!


I didn’t finish putting things up until late so I only managed to decorate downstairs! I need to find the energy to tackle the upstairs pretty soon… I also have lots of Christmas cards from previous years that I want to stick up – on the cupboards in the kitchen to add to the festive vibe as I find it’s tricky to decorate the kitchen, but the other half thinks I’m sad for having old cards! Some are really pretty though so it seems a shame to bin them! (And by bin I obviously mean recycle).

This year is exciting as it is the first year that we will be hosting Christmas at our house. I know that at (ahem) 33 years old that is a bit tragic but in previous years we have always set up camp at either my parents or my in laws (apart from the year Freddie was 2.5 weeks old and I didn’t have the energy to move us all!). So fingers crossed that goes well – I have already got Pringles and Quality Street stashed for the big day!


Last weekend I made my annual trip to see my friends and visit the Manchester Christmas Markets. We always venture out early to avoid as many of the crowds as we can and have Dutch pancakes and Baileys hot chocolate as we walk round looking at the lovely gifts available.

We love our routine and every year I get some goodies from Paperchase, and see what Christmas craft workshop they are putting on, have a nosy at the partywear in H&M and have lunch at the wonderful Trof. Then in the evening we settle in with mince pies, a box of chocs (this year we had Heroes) and some fizz and watch Strictly – what could be better?!

It is Freddie’s birthday this weekend, so I will be focussed on wrapping presents for him before thinking about tackling any of the Christmas gifts. I haven’t got too many things for his birthday as I know he is getting quite a few things from other people. I have just got him a couple of books, a jigsaw puzzle and a sticker/colouring book. I will also be looking for a cute little party outfit for him!

Hopefully the Christmas wrapping won’t be too onerous this year as we are trying to downsize our gift giving – The house move wiped out most of our savings and everyone seems to be feeling the pinch at the moment!


What about you, what are your Festive Traditions? And what are you getting for people for Christmas?


Lucy x

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