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Hi Guys!

Well it has been a long time since I have had a new Handmade Showcase post for you – partly as I have been very busy and not spent enough time on my little website and partly as all my other maker friends have been just as busy and not had time to collaborate on anything with me.

Now that Christmas is out of the way again, for another few months at least (!) I am going to try my best to get one of these out there for you to look at every month as there are so many wonderful handmade businesses out there that deserve a little more exposure – I will try my best!!

This month I would love to introduce you to Dear Doe

Who are you: Jess Palmer (Will be Jess Blakeman after March 15th!)

What is your business called: Dear Doe

Where are you based: A little town called Stone which is nestled inbetween Stafford and Stoke on Trent.

Tell us about your tribe: I live with my husband to be Craig, our daughter Eva, Dolly the cat, Rambo the dog and Ivy the hedgehog!

What is it that you make/sell: I make quirky cotton toys for lovely little people!

Where do you do your crafting: Anywhere and everywhere that I can, but generally at my kitchen table or in my sewing space at the Studio.

How did you get into it all: Almost by accident really! I wanted to buy something a little bit different for my daughter’s bedroom but I couldn’t settle on what to buy, so I designed and created my own. My friends then all wanted one, so I CE tested them and it just grew from there!

What goals/aspirations do you have for your business:  I would love to have my toys in little boutiques up and down the country (and oversees) and for it to continue to grow and evolve as it has already done in the past year.

What are your plans for 2018: Ooh lots and lots! I’ve already got a folder full of brand new patterns and designs waiting to be tested, I will be working on getting my website and blog up and running and I am hoping to get myself out and about doing lots more handmade craft markets!

What do you love most about what you do: I love Everything! (Apart from the amount of cotton that ends up covering me on a daily basis). I love starting with fabric and ending up with a little character that I just know will bring a smile to somebody’s face.

What don’t you enjoy in your business: If I’m being honest I can’t really think of anything! The paper work involved isn’t what I’d call fun but it’s a big part of my business so I just get on with it.

(As part of her CE testing Jess has to set her little critters on fire, so I imagine that’s not so nice either, poor things!!)

What other hobbies do you have: Ooh gosh I’ve got a few that I alternate. At the moment I’m really enjoying making fantasy art creatures, I love it because I can go wild on them without restrictions. I also love working with polymer clay and needle felting.

Do you have another job as well as Dear Doe: Yes! I’m a receptionist at my husband’s tattoo studio.

How can people find you/make a purchase:

I can be found on facebook – if you like Jess’s critters, and who wouldn’t, why not pop over and say hi!

Please message Jess on facebook with any enquiries and keep an eye out for her website and blog which are coming soon!


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