New Product! The Nautical Tank Top

New Product Announcement – The Nautical Tank Top!

Happy February everyone! I did intend to get this post out in January but time as always has gotten away from me! But it is only just February, so it almost doesn’t count! I shall try and be a little more prompt this month, but we will just have to see what life has in store!

This is my newest type of Blog post which I hope you will like, where every month or so I shall introduce you to a new product I have created and will be offering you a discount on that item.


This month it is the Nautical Tank Top which I am totally in love with. My inspiration for this item was my little boy Freddie. I wanted to make him something for his Birthday in December and I saw something similar to this top on Pinterest and couldn’t resist! The top is lovely and warm, and has a great fit, room to move but fitting snuggly with the bottom ribbing. It has buttons on the shoulder to make life a bit easier – there is nothing more tiring than trying to wrestle a toddler into a top!! For the one I made Freddie I went with a nautical theme – navy and white strips and gold anchor buttons, but it can be made in whatever colours you like – from bumblebee stripes to a block of princess pink!


This month has been manic, I have had so many new product ideas buzzing about in my head and there are so many things I want to make, but I just don’t have enough hours in the day to do everything!

Time seems to be very short at the moment. I have returned to my day job three days a week and the other 2 days I spend looking after Freddie who is now an energetic 14 month old. He is teething at the moment so no-one is really sleeping! I end up working on My Little Yarn Baby in the evenings after work and am splitting my time between making things and sorting out my website and promoting items on social media (anyone else who does this knows how quickly time disappears when you are Tweeting!!). Throw into that mix our house sale falling through and having to put it back on the market and having to sort things out relating to that again and I end up with some very late nights and bleary eyes! It’s worth it though when I look at what I have achieved.


Anyway, I hope you like the Nautical Tank Top, If you love it as much as I do, then hop over to my shop and you can have 20% off the list price – just use the code TANKTOP20. This discount only applies to this item as it is new, but if it is not to your taste then there will be other new product offers (and other promotions) coming later this year – subscribe to my emails and you won’t miss any of them!

Lucy x

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