Hello and welcome to the new and improved Mama & Fred website!

So it has been a busy few months to say the least! My little shop has had a rebrand as you may have noticed. My little yarn baby is no more, which is a little sad, but hopefully you will all like the new Mama & Fred logo and branding.

My products are still just as lovely as before (although hopefully always improving!) but now they are now marketed and packaged a little differently. I made the decision to make the change as I felt I had outgrown the My Little Yarn Baby name, Mama & Fred feels a bit more me and more in the direction I want to go, more as a real business and not just a hobby that I am tinkering with. I also wanted to start selling on Etsy again, and there was a lady previously who wasn’t very happy with me using my name on there as she felt it was too similar to hers (it wasn’t and we didn’t sell anything remotely similar, but I’m putting that behind me and moving on!!)

So, I have a nice shiny new Etsy store which is filling up nicely – do take a peek! Mamaandfred.etsy.com The most popular items at the moment are my range of spring bonnets – which are now available in cotton for the warmer summer months…. If it ever stops raining!

I have also got my new website set up (as I needed a new domain name after my name change). This is filling up a little more slowly as I am not the most techy person and things take a bit longer for me to sort out on it than they do in Etsy! I think it’s looking pretty nice now though, and I am adding in my products a little bit every day. I plan to run more promotions and deals through my website than Etsy, so please do sign up to my mailing list, this will keep you up to date with all my latest product releases and upcoming promotions. You also get 20% off your first order just for signing up! Win win!

I have lots and lots of plans going forward for the rest of 2017. I have a few more new lines that I want to introduce for summer (think baby rompers and more headwear) and then for Autumn Winter (new exciting baby booties) and even as far out as Spring 2018…… but I will be keeping those a secret for now.

I am incredibly excited about them all though, and only wish I had more hours in the day for creating my tiny garments!

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So I shall be posting and keeping in touch with you all. I am hoping to restart my makers showcase posts soon and eventually my how to craft posts. However, we are (finally) very close to moving house so those may stay on the back burner until that is all sorted! As I said, it has all been very busy lately!!

Anyway, take care, don’t forget to subscribe to my mailing list and let me know if you have any feedback regarding my etsy store, the website or anything else you have an opinion on! I am always grateful for a bit of help!


I have decided that this year I want to spread the love a little bit more and get onboard with supporting fellow small businesses. Therefore each month I will be putting together a post showcasing some of my favourite makers. This month I am kicking things off with 2 lovely ladies – Rachel from I am Rachel and Chelsea from Oh Sew Evie. Here they are in their own words, enjoy!


My name is Rachel, hence the business name 😉 I design and make enamel jewellery and gifts at my home in Somerset.  Enamelling is the process of adding very fine glass powders or liquids onto metal and firing. Patterns can be added, glass beads melted in and colours can be built up to create the desired effects.


I began enamelling around 6 years ago at an evening class in Bristol. The class taught the basics but was relaxed enough that we could experiment with the process. I then bought a kiln and basic kit and have slowly added to my collection of enamel colours. Each colour responds differently so takes time to master but when you get it right and see the vibrant shade as it cools down from being in the kiln it’s so satisfying!  My goal for 2017 is to have my enamels stocked in at least 5 shops, I now have 3; Cinnamon Corner- Wells, Dear Doris- Penarth and SammyLou- North Petherton 🙂Enlight11

I primarily enamel on copper but have just begun to enamel on silver which is a whole new skill.  I love enamelling as each time I use the kiln I learn something new. The process is so experimental and due to the changing characteristics of the glass most pieces are unique and one of a kind.

I love a challenge so custom orders are welcomed for any piece, including wedding gifts, bridesmaid jewellery etc.


Further information on Rachel and her beautiful products can be found in any of the following places – so do go check her out!





If you would like to receive Rachels monthly newsletter with info and offers then just drop her an e-mail and she will add you to the list: iamrachelshop@yahoo.com



I am Chelsea, a London-based mum who loves to read, bake and laugh and make senseless toddler jokes with my little one (that would be Evie).

Oh Sew Evie was born at the dinner table of a London-based first time mum. As is the story with many mumpreneurs, it all started with a post-maternity leave daydream that grew with each passing day. My love of crafting came about while making decorative items for my wedding in 2015, and in particular I loved the elegant impact that garlands and wall hangings gave the event space. This was to be the start of my garland obsession!


I have always loved to make/create things but my confidence levels weren’t very high and I was a bit nervous about the prospect of actually selling the things I made. But a year of marriage and a baby later, I decided to take the plunge and set up my business. In October 2016, I opened my Etsy Shop and, here we are! Since opening I’ve expanded, adding felted jewellery to my wall décor and I’m hoping to add even more this year.

I can’t go any further without a little shout out to all the other mum bosses I’ve met online via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The support I’ve received has really lifted me when I’ve felt like giving up or worried what I was making wasn’t good enough. It’s almost like an online family and its brill!


Further information on Chelsea and her gorgeous gifts can be found in any of the following places – do go check her out!






If you would like to be included on a future Small Business Showcase then please just drop me an email and I would be happy to feature you 😀

Lucy xgg