Jar of Joy

Well. I don’t know about you lot, but life has been a bit tough in our household recently. We are trying to move house to our ‘Forever Home’ and it hasn’t been going well.

We had finally found the house of our dreams, found a buyer for ours and been approved a mortgage. YAY! Everything was going so well, a little too well, and then as I had been dreading all along our buyer pulled out. So both our house and our dream house had to go back on the market, and it became a stressful race, seeing which one would sell again first. Sadly, it looks like it is going to be our dream home. We are still trying to sell ours and it is such hard work keeping the place clean and tidy and viewable when you have a hyper 14 month old running about! So unless something magical happens we shall be house hunting again once ours has sold. It is time consuming, and soul destroying and it just seems to drag on forever. Once we do move I swear I am never moving again!!

We have also been blighted with one cold or illness after another since Christmas. We have constantly had a cold passed between the three of us which has never really gone away (I am getting it AGAIN this week), and Freddie has been teething the last few weeks so we haven’t been sleeping much. And now, on top of everything else, he has contracted conjunctivitis and his eyes are all gunky and sore, and he is even more tired. He is staying pretty positive considering bless him, but it is wearing us down.

So, I felt I needed to do something to keep me sane, and decided I would record 5 things each month, that I have loved, or that have brought me some Joy. So here we go with my online Jar of Joy:

  1. Lighter evenings

After all the illness I am really desperate for spring time to come, so the lighter days and especially the lighter evenings are really helping perk me up a bit. I work a day job 3 days a week and we have now hit the spot where it’s still light when I leave work at 5pm. Only just still light, but it all helps!

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2. My Little Yarn Baby orders

I have already had more orders this year compared to last year which is really cheering me up. I have made a real effort to up my promotional game since the start of January and it seems to be paying off. I hope that I can continue this through the year. It has meant that I have been at work or looking after Freddie in the day time during the week and then working on orders or my website and Twitter until quite late, which isn’t helping the sleep situation, but hopefully it will be worth it!

3. Seeing my friend for her birthday

One of my best friends lives all the way down in London, and with us both having such busy lives I don’t see her that often. She has just had her birthday (her 33rd, shhhhh don’t mention it), so when she comes to visit us this weekend we are going to do fun things like go to the cinema and have a cheeky cocktail and I am going to make her a big old Chocolate cake. Oh that reminds me…..I must pick her up a present!!

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4. Taking a Makelight course

I am always trying to take better photos of my products, and always aiming to beautify my Instagram feed, and I am never satisfied with the outcomes. So this month I have invested in something for me and my work – I am taking part in the Makelight Photography for Makers course. I am hoping that this will really help me with a number of things – lighting, use of props and what I should be posting to instagram, – why not pop over and follow me on instagram to see how I am progressing 😉

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5. Lots and lots of stationery!

Before Christmas I had try to get in on the Bullet Journal craze, and although I did enjoy having things in one place, I just love a notebook, and missed all my paper! So I am back to having numerous books for different things – Blog ideas, orders, to do lists – which is a bit heavy to carry about, but I have enjoyed having a splurge at Paperchase!!

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What things have brought you Joy this month?






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