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Today, to make myself feel a bit better after a weekend full of doom and gloom I have written a slightly fluffier more cheerful post reflecting on the positives of life as Mum. I mentioned in a previous post that I am currently trying to job hunt (as my role is being made redundant/merged in with another job). Therefore I have been tarting up my CV and contacting recruiters. This got me thinking about Mothers in the workplace. Company management can often be rather down on mothers (and in some cases downright judegmental and discriminatory), however, I think that mums learn and perfect some great skills while getting to know their little bundles of joy. Here are some of the skills that I will be adding to my CV before I send it out:

  • Patience – Don’t tell me that parents dont learn patience. Hours of listening to your baby wailing while you try and get them to nap and they just refuse, going through the vicious cycle of  feed them, they drop off, you move them to their cot, they wake up, they cry. Or when your toddler wants to watch that same episode of Paw Patrol for the 1,000 time. Oh, we know how to play the long game. No non-parent can beat us for patience!

  • Good negotiating skills – As a parent you will be well practiced at negotiating. How many times have you tried to convince your child to eat their vegetables? Or to not keep kicking Granny? Or to please not play with your winky while I try to change your nappy? Granted you lose 99% of these negotiations, but boy do you have the experience!
  • Time management – You are the Queen/King of multitasking. You can hoover the house, cook up baby puree, feed baby,  wash those purée covered clothes, play with baby, go do a supermarket shop, change baby, do a bit of DIY and write a blog, all in a day. Pulling together a couple of spreadsheets and writing a report is a doddle to you now.
  • Observation skills – You are a Ninja. Your mum senses are on high alert 24/7, watching out for your little one and making sure they don’t hurt themselves or trash your home! This stands you in good stead to anticipate when your colleagues are going to have a meltdown, or when you need to look extra good in front of the Boss!
  • Tact – Oh you are good at this one! All those times you have had to deal with those nosy relatives telling you how you are doing that wrong, that ‘thats not how it was in my day’ – you have learnt to hold your tongue, and this will be equally useful in the work place when your Boss asks if you like their new hairdo….
  • Social skills – Hurrah! All those baby groups have not been in vain! You are now a pro in meeting new people and being able to talk to anyone nicely (even that mum who is always pristine and tells you all about what a super mum she is, while you are pretty sure getting out of the house showered with your hair brushed is winning at life!)
  • Working as a Team – This is your bread and butter, you work in a team every day in your little family unit, hoping to navigate life without being covered in too much baby vom or having too many toddler meldowns. Together you get things done, it might be in your own special way, but you get the job done!
  • Motivation and enthusiasm – Ok, this one may be faked, but it will still count at work! If you are able to pretend you love Peppa Pig and want to sing Twinkle Twinkle for the 100th time before 7am then you are able to pretend you love the ideas that your Boss is sharing with you…
  • Hardballing – As a woman who has gone through the challenges of child birth, there is pretty much nothing that will be that tough again or that lacking in dignity! Now that you have been in a room with half a dozen people staring at your nethers you are no longer worried what people think and can get in there and tell them what you need!
  • Compassion – Being able to hardball and get what you want is going to be really useful, but also so is being compassionate to other people. No one wants a boss who doesnt care about them. Being a mum can help to soften your edges a little and allow you to empathise with your fellow workers.

What other skills for the workplace do you think you have mastered through becoming a mum/dad?

Lucy x


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