My change bag essentials

Before I became a parent I wouldn’t really have been able to decide what to put in a changing bag, it would have been an alien concept to me. However, after 6 months with the little man, and a few mistakes along the way, I think I can now say with confidence what my essential items are:

  • Nappies

Obvious but none the less essential, and I am sure that we have all been (or will be) caught short at one time or other. You think that you topped it up after you came home from Monday’s baby sensory class, but now you are at Tuesday’s Music Makers and it turns out you didn’t, so now you have to hope and pray that you dont have a poonami incident. Definitely, a Must. Have. Item. My personal favourites are the Mamia nappies from Aldi.

  • Plastic Bags

To put said nappies in, in case you are at someone’s house and aren’t sure about their bin etiquette! Also, handy when you use a change room while out and about and can’t for the life of you figure out how the bin is supposed to work (this has happened to me at least twice!)

  • Spare set of clothes

This is especially useful in the early days when babies tend to do those poos that go alllll the way up their back! We haven’t had to use our spare set for a while now, so I am leaving them in the bag to act as a talisman, the day I take them out you know we would have some almighty mess happen!

  • Wipes

Every parent will know, there is nothing, NOTHING, that can’t be cleaned with a wet wipe! When babies are really little I would recommend picking some for sensitive skin – again I love the Mamia ones from Aldi, great product and great price.

  • Muslins

Like wet wipes, there are not many things that cannot be tackled with a muslin cloth! Great for all kinds of spills – baby vomit, baby food, baby drool, spilled cup of tea that you tripped over in your sleep deprived haze… My preference here is one that is nice and soft for baby. The softest I have found have actually been those from Primark. Also, two are always better to have than one….

  • Bib

This one wasnt necessary to start with, but once Freddie started teething he started to produce so much drool, you never saw the like! And once he started to eat real food bibs came into their own – really important if you dont want baby wearing dirty clothes all day and getting ‘those looks’. I don’t have a particular preference for these, they just need to be a decent size, fit well round the neck (so everything doesnt just fall down the front) and be nice and soft so I can wipe Freddies face with the back when done. Again, 2 are better than one if you have space…..

  • Hat

Either a bobble style hat in winter to keep little heads warm, or a sun hat in summer to protect their skin from burning. I love H&M for winter hats, and have a couple of cute sun hats from Sainsburys.

  • Change mat

If you buy a bag that is specifically a changing bag then they will more often than not come with one – just a piece of plastic that you can put down to change baby on. I have also used mine to sit on when we were out for a picnic and the grass was damp, I do love a multifunctional item!

  • Toy

Always handy for those moments where baby starts losing it, usually when you are on the bus and you can’t get them out of their pushchair. Usually I take Sophie the Giraffe as it entertains him, and he can chew on it, and if he drops it she is easy to clean with one of those fantastic wet wipes! Sometimes I take a play book – he loves them as they make great crinkly noises!

  • E45 cream

I find E45 cream to be a great all over cream that I can use on Fred’s bottom for gentle nappy rash, his face after cleaning food off with wipes and on the dry skin on his ankles and elbows.

  • Hand cream and hand gel

I didn’t realise before becoming a mum what mum hands were. Man did I learn quickly! All those nappy changes and all that hand washing quickly dries out your hands and leaves them looking about 10 years older than the rest of you (although the eye bags quickly catch up!) Therefore I always try and have handcream with me now (it’s in my change bag, my handbag, my coat pockets……)My personal favourite is Neutrogena concentrated hand cream – it looks almost like glycerin, but it leaves my hands well moisturised. I also like to have a hand gel in the bag as you end up in many changing rooms and some are rather dubious! I love Soap and Glory hand gel as it smells AMAZING, fruity and not at all alcohol like.

And thats it! We are good to go! Enjoy leaving the house!

Have you got any essential change bag must haves that I havent included here?

Lucy x


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