10 signs your life is ruled by a baby

So, my little boy turned 6 months old this week – where did the time go?! He is both a bundle of joy and sometimes the stuff of nightmares…whichever he has chosen to be for the day life is very much different than it was before.

There are some very distinctive changes that occur in your life when you have a baby, and you will soon know who is boss. Here is a fun list of some of the more challenging changes parenthood has brought me:

  • You very rarely bother wearing nice clothes anymore – this is definitely true in the early days, either your nice clothes don’t fit anymore (never mind losing baby weight, why did no one warn me about the breastfeeding boobs?! ) or everything has been covered in all manner of baby bodily fluids so what’s the point?!
  • You have muslin cloths and wet wipes stashed everywhere just in case – in bags, pockets and down the side of the sofa, there is no problem that cannot be solved with a wet wipe!!
  • Your house has been overtaken by toys, toys and more toys! – every floor and surface is covered with something that is garishly coloured, plays the same tune over and over again or is a tripping hazard


  • People aren’t interested in you anymore, they just want to pop in to see the baby – you find yourself mid conversation with your parents or oldest friend and realise they aren’t paying you any attention, and are instead blowing raspberries with your baby, who looks less than impressed
  • You are never able to have a decent cuppa anymore – either you don’t get the time to make one in the first place, or if you do it goes cold long before you can drink it!


  • You find yourself talking absolute gibberish all the time- yes you have read that story 15 times already and sung that song 9 times, but now baby has found one word you said hilarious so you are going to repeat that 100 times! And don’t worry, you will continue talking to yourself when baby is not around and other people will think you are mad
  • Everything you own, and that other people own, has been chewed and covered in a drool like substance that resembles ghostbusters ectoplasm.image.jpeg


  • You spend your days trying to politely listen to  unwanted advice from friends and family without telling them to shove it – no I don’t care how they did it in you day, and yes I have already tried that with no success, thanks.
  • You will constantly look like a zombie – late night feeds and continual play throughout the day will leave you exhausted and with the biggest eye bags you ever saw – invest in a good eye cream and concealer now!!image
  • Bodily functions are now something that get clapped and cheered – the louder the better, especially after hours of grumbling about trapped wind. Warning you will also forget and do this with adults…..

What other signs do you notice in your household that show you are leading a life with baby in charge?!

Lucy x


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